RIP Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON – DECEMBER 1958: Queen Elizabeth II poses for a portrait at home in Buckingham Palace in December 1958 in London, England. (Photo by Donald McKague/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

We are all very sad to hear of the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

We wanted to share this quote:

I have in sincerity pledged myself to your service, as so many of you are pledged to mine. Throughout all my life and with all my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust.

Queen Elizabeth II

Rest in peace.


Happy New Year: Bring on 2021!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of auld lang syne?For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet
For days of auld lang syne….

Happy New Year! Wishing you a healthy, happy and safe year in 2021.


The New Tier 2: Covid Christmas Rules

After a month of national lockdown, it’s finally come to day before the 2nd of December aka the end of the lockdown – which is tomorrow!

To exit out of the lockdown, the UK government has come up with a revised version of the tier system with a few differences given that it’s Christmas time.

First things first, for 5 days from the 23rd December – 27th December, 3 families can form a ‘Christmas bubble’. There’s also no limit on the size of each household, as long as they are from the same house.

Here in Torquay, we are in tier 2: but it’s a little bit different than last time.

Read for a quick summary:

  • Pubs: you can go to pubs and restaurants with people you live with, but you must only drink alcohol with a substantial meal.
  • Gyms and exercise: gyms are mostly open for all!
  • Shops: all shops are open for you to do your Christmas shopping but in tier 2 you must go to shopping with those in your household and not mix with others indoors.
  • That said in tier 2, you are welcome to visit outdoor markets with friends/family from outside your households.
  • Travel isn’t advised but there will be a relaxed travel period during the Christmas period.
  • Continue social distancing at all times with those outside of your household.

Have fun this holiday season! I know it’s a little bit different but that doesn’t mean it won’t be wonderful.

Learn more about the Covid Christmas rules here:


UK’s 2nd Lockdown: What Are The Rules?

As of last Thursday, the UK went into a second national lockdown of the year. This time though, things are different. And we’re hoping this is the last!

As cases have risen from September-October, this is a last-minute attempt to save Christmas and keep coronavirus cases to a low.  

Here are the new rules:

First of all, the last lockdown closed schools, colleges, and universities. This one, those are staying open!

Pubs, bars, and restaurants have closed for the month, as have gyms and leisure centres. 

In contrast to the last lockdown, you are able to go for a socially distanced walk with ONE person from another virus. You can also go for a walk with everyone in your household to get some exercise. 

In general, the message is to stay home, stay alert and safe lives. 

Here are tips for this time round: 

  • Keep busy.
  • Don’t forget to exercise.
  • Catch up with friends – whether this is on a walk or online.
  • Keep yourself safe.
  • Relax – don’t panic, It’ll all be over soon enough. 
  • Be kind to others.

From all of us at Penlee, keep safe, happy, and healthy this November. 

 See you in December!


Women We Admire: Florence Nightingale

Over at Penlee, we have a lovely garden to accompany the house. In the nice weather, we’re lucky enough to have a cup of coffee, chit-chat or read in the sun. 

When you walk through the garden, you’ll notice we have benches with the names of historic women in history.

Every other month we’ll be introducing one of our inspiring women and educating on 5 brilliant facts about each one. We’ll call this series: Women We Admire.

Our first is Florence Nightingale, who needs no introduction, but since she was so amazing we will give you one anyway. 

From Science Museum

Florence was a British social reformer and founder of modern nursing, who was the head of the nursing unit in Turkey during the Crimean War. Post-war, she founded the Nightingale School of Nursing in London, which opened in 1860 and still trains nurses today. Ms Nightingale was a true inspiration to many women due to her selfless acts and efforts during and after the war. 

That’s why we love her so much! Here are some more facts for you to learn more about Florence. 

Image from ChinaDaily
  1. The Lady of The Lamp: Florence’s nickname was ‘the lady of the lamp’ because she was known for staying awake late into the night to nurse British soldiers back to health with the lamp in hand. 
  2. The Lady of The Languages: Born in Italy, having lived in England and wherever else work took her, Florence was a true polyglot. She could speak English, Italian, German and French, with a basic understanding of many others. 
  3. The Leading Lady: Florence was the boss of 38 nurses during the Crimean War and instructed her volunteers to rearrange the hospitals to make them more hygienic to decrease mortality rates – it worked. 
  4. The Lady of The Letters: Florence loved to write, in her spare time, she would write in notebooks, ideas and all. But some of her most important work was writing letters to the homes of dying or deceased soldiers, which she didn’t have to do, but chose to. 
  5. The Lady of The Nurses: International Nursing Day is on May 12th every day since 1974, which was Florence’s birthday. Nowadays, her legacy lives and she encourages aspiring nurses, students and doctors with her memory. 
From Southwark News

Dear residents,

The team at Penlee are wishing our readers and residents happiness and hope during this time. As lockdown restrictions ease, it is still important to prevent the spread of coronavirus in our day to day lives, inside or outside.

Here is a poster that we’re using to keep you all updated on the current rules and regulations by the government regarding lockdown.

(We will edit this as the situation changes)

Keep safe all!


5 Ways To Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones During Lockdown

The UK has been in lockdown since the 23rd of March – that’s when the schools shut, hairdressers closed and a whole lot changed. Whilst we’re keeping safe and indoors, we’re for sure missing our families and friends but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep in contact, virtually. 

With the brilliance of technology nowadays, we’re lucky that we don’t have to be in the same house to speak to our loved ones anymore. From Facebook to Netflix Parties to Zoom, there’s plenty of options on offer to stay in touch online.

Here are our favourites: 

1.Skype or Zoom – Video calling applications are all the rage at the moment. Skype and Zoom are both free and relatively easy to use. Zoom’s unique selling point is it’s multiple video sharing function. That means you can chat with the whole family all at once!  

2. Netflix Party – You’ll be aware of the popular streaming platform Netflix already – they have enough television shows and movies to certainly keep one busy during the lockdown. Netflix party allows viewers to watch together. It’s a chrome extension that is free to download. This way, you can watch your favourite TV shows and chat with your friends at the same time.

3. Mobile or Telephone – Let’s not forget to use our trusty phones at this time. A call or a text can go a very long way. 

4. Social Media – Social Media is not just for youngsters. Keep your families up to date by using FB, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter.  Share some joy online. 

5.Send Postcards or Letters – Though technology is excellent, we can’t skip out on the good old fashioned postcard. Take this time to connect in different ways and find a pen-pal to chat to. 

With hope, lockdown will be lifted soon. We’ll be back to normal in no time and able to see our loved ones in person and give them all a big cuddle. In the meantime, we can still keep in sync and spread some positivity from afar.