The New Tier 2: Covid Christmas Rules

1 December 2020

After a month of national lockdown, it's finally come to day before the 2nd of December aka the end of the lockdown - which is tomorrow!

To exit out of the lockdown, the UK government has come up with a revised version of the tier system with a few differences given that it's Christmas time.

First things first, for 5 days from the 23rd December - 27th December, 3 families can form a 'Christmas bubble'. There's also no limit on the size of each household, as long as they are from the same house.

Here in Torquay, we are in tier 2: but it's a little bit different than last time.

Read for a quick summary:

  • Pubs: you can go to pubs and restaurants with people you live with, but you must only drink alcohol with a substantial meal.
  • Gyms and exercise: gyms are mostly open for all!
  • Shops: all shops are open for you to do your Christmas shopping but in tier 2 you must go to shopping with those in your household and not mix with others indoors.
  • That said in tier 2, you are welcome to visit outdoor markets with friends/family from outside your households.
  • Travel isn't advised but there will be a relaxed travel period during the Christmas period.
  • Continue social distancing at all times with those outside of your household.

Have fun this holiday season! I know it's a little bit different but that doesn't mean it won't be wonderful.

Learn more about the Covid Christmas rules here: